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At Novo Technologies, we aspire to the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients. We work with our clients to simplify, strengthen and improve operational efficiency, communication and profitability.

Since 2011, Novo Technologies has helped clients apply technology to the multi-faceted challenges of operating a business. The software company designs leading-edge innovative mobile applications that provide clients a range of enhanced and interactive commerce solutions. Novo’s products are designed to improve a client’s day-to-day transactions and lifestyles through the delivery of instant messaging, mobile ticketing, mobile coupons, international, regional, local mobile money remittance, and m-Commerce payment transactions using mobile phones.

Kathy Martinez, Novo Technologies’ Director of Business Development, said “When we started, we provided technology for the healthcare industry, seeing and understanding the challenges healthcare faced due to lack of systems integration, data sharing, application customization and mobility. We knew we could offer solutions to resolve some of these challenges and have been very successful in solutions development for our clients. We also saw the potential of our technology being adapted and customized to any field or industry and we want to contribute to that growth.”

In the last several years, Novo has grown exponentially into one of the top technology companies in the Central Valley. They are a Business Intelligence leader in the development of enterprise architecture, custom applications and systems integration solutions. Novo’s unique Design-Build-Manage approach streamlines project delivery through an integrated highly skilled development team along with a dedicated company alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork. Novo’s methodologies focus on core business functionality and operational objectives that reduce cost and accelerate time-to-market.

Novo Technologies corporate offices are located in Modesto; however, the company is currently expanding to San Diego and Denver, Colorado.

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Meet Some of Our Team!

Nino YaghoubiJunior Web Developer
Say hello to Novo Tech’s February developer of the month, Nino Yaghoubi.
I started off as an Intern with Novo on July 12th, 2016 right after graduating from CSU Stan. After working for some months, I received an offer as a full-time Web Developer.
My most memorable experience with Novo has been the never ending learning experience that I have gained from working with this amazing team!
Mark SarkesLead Software Engineer
I have been working for Novo for over 4 years and was born in San Jose, CA but has lived in Modesto for most of his life.
One of my most memorable experiences with our Company was when I was asked to take on the Lead role for the development of Meds4 which helped establish myself in the company.
However, what I appreciate the most is the people I’ve been able to work with. Without the right people, work is just work. But with the right people, work can be so much more…it can be your family away from your family.
Jazmyn LoveAssociate Software Developer
Say hello to Jazmyn! She is our Associate Software Developer and our Developer of the Month for the Month of April!
I have been working with Novo for three years and is from Stockton, CA. My most memorable experience with Novo was during the day of my interview for the Internship with our company. I realized that I had locked her keys in my car and ended up being late for the interview.
I was scared my tardiness (resulting from my bad luck) would have left a first bad impression but the company still welcomed me with open arms
Anabel QuintanaEntry Level Developer
I have been working with Novo since 2014. I am from Turlock, CA. I had the opportunity to teach computers while interning, and being able to work with kids was really fun and thought me that maybe later in the future I might aspire to become a teacher. I currently work with Javascript, HTML, CSS/SASS, a little C# , and minimal SQL. Current project that I am working on is development of a configuration app.
Lori BrenttScrum Master
I am originally from Lodi, CA and I was raised in Sacramento, CA. My most memorable experience at Novo Technologies would be the rollout of our A2C Mobile Application into Production. It is very exciting and I am amazed daily at the talent that we have here at Novo and the opportunities for people to learn and work on exciting projects.
Some of the technology I work with here are Team Foundation Server (TFS), JIRA, Confluence, Tempo and Microsoft Apps. The projects I have been involved in consist of both Web and Mobile Applications. I have worked on the A2C Mobile Application, A2C Mobile Admin tool, A2C SPICE, Transport Broker Engine and Portal, OPAP GIS, Salesforce to A2C Sync. Our next big project will be the Lyft integration which will be another exciting project.

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